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Mar. 16th, 2010

1-Moore c/s


Toms Notes re: Texas Challenge

I didn't want to hear any Monday morning quarterbacking, but now that it's Tuesday...

Item #1
We have to start sooner. You can't wait until a month before the big show to start planning.

Item #2
The computers. Matt tested his network at home and it worked fine. Why didn't it work at the challenge? Different computers. Way before we get to the event we need to decide whose computers we're going to use and make sure they work in his network.

Item #3
Cables. Not sure how this went, but I know I ran back to the truck for a serial cable for the older Garmins. And then I royally screwed up. I thought I had checked with my laptop, but I hadn't. I don't know if it ever got hooked up. I'm assuming you guys that had them hung with people who had the coordinates in another GPSr.

Item #4
Colorados and Oregons
I got 12 challenge caches loaded on my Colorado. Others had the same problem. Apparently they ask for one more field than all the other GPSrs (though I'm betting the Dakotas ask for that field as well). There may be others. I'm sure this will get addressed in the Texas Geocaching Forum because it wsn't just us.

Item #5
This is one thing that went really right thanks to The Foods and Moosiegirl. It worked for the challenge itself, the team meeting, and the awards ceremony. You guys rocked!

Item #6
We can't assume that someone will have a great place for a HQ. Next year we need to grab a couple sites together either near the starting point or a finishing point. I'm hoping to go way early next year and get some scouting (and caching) done.

Item #7
Need to decide who is going with who long before the last minute. I'm sure there will be some last minute stuff, but I'd like to know that no one is standing there at the last minute wondering where they're going to go. This goes back to starting planning earlier.

Item #8
Other odds and ends
HuggyBear had us covered with extra extension cords and cairs and who knows what else. And I'm sure he did other stuff at HQ that I'm not aware of. Thanks to all the puzzle solvers. I brought cheat sheets that were totally useless - they wouldn't have been useful for these puzzles and because I left them in the truck.

Item #9
I'd like to see a BIG map of the place next year. And I'd like to know more about these files people were sending in - A different kind of Geekfest?

Item #10
Nothing. I just didn't want to end on 9. You have to keep a sense of humor about this all as it is just a game shared with a lot of friends you know and don't know.

Feb. 17th, 2010

1-Moore c/s


Caching Woodlawn Lake

About half the TuesdayCachers  (EWB & 1-Moore) spent the better part of Sunday afternoon picking up the Woodlawn Lake series. Highlights were the spontaneous Flash Mob at #9 and visiting the "Geographic Center of Bexar County". Here's a little video summary.

Jan. 17th, 2010

1-Moore c/s


1st Biking/Caching Trek of 2010

It was great to get back on the bike on Sat. pm for a caching trek - especially after a week of cold rain. It has not been a great week due to a leaky roof that has already been repaired a couple of times and then to top it off, the jukebox suddenly went on the blink.

I set out to park at Sams Burger joint around 1pm. The plan was to grab around 15 or so smileys up Broadway to the Terrell Hills area. This is about a 15 mile round trip. Should make for a nice productive ride.

On the way I called Ryan to check up on him. A lady passed me and yelled "Your bike fell off!". Great! So I started to back track on IH10 and another guy passes me and tells me the same thing. I pulled off and found the bike hanging from the rack without any damage. Maybe my luck is changing.

Finally got to Sams about 1:30 pm and headed toward my first hide - "3 in 1". This one was just put out this week, but pir2^3 had already grabbed it the day before. The hint was right on, but it took me the better part of 25 minutes to find it. I worked my way up to Incarnate Word to get the San Antonio Springs Earthcache. This used to be a virtual called Bluehole. Then up Broadway to pick up a few quick finds - Broadway Bus Stop, Island Kids Kache. I considered doing the Piece of Cake multi, but Ryan and I had already been there and the folks in the shopping center didn't seem to cooperative, so I head up to one I've a lot about and wanted to get off my bucket list - Barney Smiths Toilet Museum. This was quite a treat and I spent way to long talking to Barney. I left a pre-911 Twin Towers key ring momento on his Cache #4. This is the first swag item to be put on this cache.

It was already after 3pm when I got to the McNay Museum area to grab the Alamo Heights Travel Bug Exchange, the virtual at McNay and the McNay Geocache down in the woody area. It was pretty soggy after the rains- very unique container. It's interesting how some cachers take such pride in creating really great containers.

I continued up New Braunfels to check out the Sunset Ridge Multi. I'm not crazy about multis, but thought I give this one a few minutes. I rode right up to the redirector and then went right to the final, which I had encountered in Port A. This might have really been tough, but I had already seen both these techinques. A security guard came by with a greeting. He didn't stick around, maybe because I was in my orange vest and looked like I was doing something official.

Next I grabbed In the Meadow in an alley. I gave Bamboo Forest a try, but no luck. I just didn't feel too comfortable rummaging around this alley. Heading back I came back a young boy selling hot chocolate in front of his house - $.25/cup. I gave him $1 and just after that his dad, who was making the stuff inside, came out and told him they were sold out.

I made it back to my truck around 5pm and discovered I had lost my sunglasses along the way. Still, not a bad afternoon. I grabbed about 11 smileys, got some exercise, visited with Barney Smith and finished with a nice glow.

May. 13th, 2009



Well it is finally over I received my final grades yesterday.  I passed both classes so now I have officially graduated!!! YEA!!!  Now what?  It was weird this week to not have be anywhere or have any homework to do

This week I wanted to get some caching done and some, long put off, housework.  I have done neither.  The doctor thinks I got bit by a spider so have been on med's for that and just have not felt up to doing anything more then watch TV a little, read a little, and go to bed early.  I'll be back at the doctors office if the red goes outside the lines I just drew on my arm. 

Hopefully I will be up to caching again next Tuesday so we need to make a date.

May. 5th, 2009


Almost done with School and other stuff

We had a great time at the WWFM event Saturday.  Many pictures and video's were posted.  EWB received many pies in the face and managed to get me once.  Talk about a SMELL on the way home though.  Could not wait to get in the shower!  That will teach EWB to add the 'Or Something Else' to the end of an event!!

Electric Water Boy and I are trying to come up with a spot for an event at the end of May.  His birthday is the 30th, he will reach 2000 finds (both with extra smilies and without).  I will reach 1000 (with extra smilies, but maybe not without).  1-moore will have 1000 and I'm sure nazcula1941 will be at 2000 if not close.  With all these things to celebrate, we need to have an event.  Any idea's?

I took my last final Monday.  I thought it was Tuesday so did not do much studying if any.  Caught up with a couple of people in my class Monday AM about 2 hours before the final and so used there notes to try to study.  No luck.  Although even if I had studied, it looks like I would have studied the wrong stuff anyway.  Many had the same problem. So, I'll walk the stage Saturday then I'll have to wait until Tuesday to see if I graduated.  If I did... I"M DONE!!!!  If not... I'll be taking a class in the fall semester.  NOT FUN!!

EWB will be in St. Louis next week so I thought I would take a few days and try to clean my house which has seen better days.  I would like to head out caching maybe Tuesday though.  I will get off work at 5:00 so anyone that wants to go, give me a buzz.

May. 2nd, 2009

1-Moore c/s


Fun at the PB&J Flashmob

TuesdayCachers were in great form at the PB&J Flashmob event. It was good to see some ol' faces and good sports! The proof is in the pudding, so to speak - check it out


Apr. 29th, 2009

1-Moore c/s


Senior Varsity Outing

The TuesdayCachers had an overdue reunion - this time it was the Senior Varsity Team of Electric Water Boy and Cadrake. Our  rendezvous began at Comanche Pk. This allowed me to clean up some unfinished hides while I waited for EWB & Cadrake. I grabbed
  •  Toys for Big Boys & Girls (on the way over to Comanche Pk)
  •  Monkey Business
  •  Two Palms
  •  How 'Bout this Micro
  •  Comanche Look Out. When the team arrived they pointed me towards a less brushy route to Gnome 1/8, which I would have grabbed rather quickely, had it not been for a suprise visit from this guy

We then grabbed the You'll Go Bleary-eyed puzzle and we were off to get a few more that EWB needed. Cadrake was kind enough to let me grab Nothing Special. Glad I was wearing my super strength Depends!

The tuffest grabs of the night were at Olympia GC - especially 10th Tee & 11th Green. I'm not sure these hides are totally kosher with the GC. Glad we got them while they are still there.

In all, another great adventure. Short but sweet. Cadrake & I are closing in on our 1K. EWB has his MD and is closing in on his 2K, Nazcula1941 is sure to have his 2K soon and Txzeeq will have her 1.5K shortly. We should all have some milestones to celebrate by the time Cadrake graduates with her BS.

Apr. 24th, 2009

1-Moore c/s


Snakes Alive @ Medina River Nature Area

EWB & I had a leisurely bike ride along the Medina River Nature Area as he picked up the remaining hides from the Basura Bash. Along the way we ran into this little fella taking a nap in the sunshine.

In all, Tom picked up around 12 smileys at Medina River. We went on to grab about 10 more in South San. Thanks to Ms. TeddyBear for coming out to her TeddyBearMotors hide to replace a missing cache.

Another couple of days like this & I should have my 1K smiley!

Apr. 20th, 2009


It's almost time! But where....

I've got Monday nights free.  Every other Tuesday night is free.  Wednesdays are out.  Some Thursdays are out.  1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends are out.

Cheryl has about 2 more weeks of school and then she's free.

John is always free except for those times that he isn't.  Duh.....

Ryan..  What can we say... that's printable....

I'm thinking real soon we can start heading out again.  But the thing is - where?  Cheryl still needs stuff everywhere.  I need the NW side, and some SW.  John needs some NW??  Ryan has darn near everything inside 1604.

So where does that leave us?  Will we have to change to a Saturday group and start heading out of town?  I'd like to hit San Marcos.  I have a state park pass, so all those parks are in (except that Ryan has been hitting those).  And then there's always Austin - land of the virtuals (kind of like DC).

And maybe we should start making events.  Breakfast somewhere for a meet and greet, and then head out caching.

Don't forget that there's a puzzle class event this weekend and WWFM V May 2.

Apr. 5th, 2009



I'm sorry I have not been around much. Week nights are usually spent trying to get my homework done or reading chapters in VERY boring text books. The next few weekends are going be spent at school trying to get a couple of projects completed, one of which is considered my final.

Graduation is the 9th of May and I will be back to wanting to go out more.

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