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March 2010

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cadrake in satxgeoblog

Almost done with School and other stuff

We had a great time at the WWFM event Saturday.  Many pictures and video's were posted.  EWB received many pies in the face and managed to get me once.  Talk about a SMELL on the way home though.  Could not wait to get in the shower!  That will teach EWB to add the 'Or Something Else' to the end of an event!!

Electric Water Boy and I are trying to come up with a spot for an event at the end of May.  His birthday is the 30th, he will reach 2000 finds (both with extra smilies and without).  I will reach 1000 (with extra smilies, but maybe not without).  1-moore will have 1000 and I'm sure nazcula1941 will be at 2000 if not close.  With all these things to celebrate, we need to have an event.  Any idea's?

I took my last final Monday.  I thought it was Tuesday so did not do much studying if any.  Caught up with a couple of people in my class Monday AM about 2 hours before the final and so used there notes to try to study.  No luck.  Although even if I had studied, it looks like I would have studied the wrong stuff anyway.  Many had the same problem. So, I'll walk the stage Saturday then I'll have to wait until Tuesday to see if I graduated.  If I did... I"M DONE!!!!  If not... I'll be taking a class in the fall semester.  NOT FUN!!

EWB will be in St. Louis next week so I thought I would take a few days and try to clean my house which has seen better days.  I would like to head out caching maybe Tuesday though.  I will get off work at 5:00 so anyone that wants to go, give me a buzz.