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March 2010

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Toms Notes re: Texas Challenge

I didn't want to hear any Monday morning quarterbacking, but now that it's Tuesday...

Item #1
We have to start sooner. You can't wait until a month before the big show to start planning.

Item #2
The computers. Matt tested his network at home and it worked fine. Why didn't it work at the challenge? Different computers. Way before we get to the event we need to decide whose computers we're going to use and make sure they work in his network.

Item #3
Cables. Not sure how this went, but I know I ran back to the truck for a serial cable for the older Garmins. And then I royally screwed up. I thought I had checked with my laptop, but I hadn't. I don't know if it ever got hooked up. I'm assuming you guys that had them hung with people who had the coordinates in another GPSr.

Item #4
Colorados and Oregons
I got 12 challenge caches loaded on my Colorado. Others had the same problem. Apparently they ask for one more field than all the other GPSrs (though I'm betting the Dakotas ask for that field as well). There may be others. I'm sure this will get addressed in the Texas Geocaching Forum because it wsn't just us.

Item #5
This is one thing that went really right thanks to The Foods and Moosiegirl. It worked for the challenge itself, the team meeting, and the awards ceremony. You guys rocked!

Item #6
We can't assume that someone will have a great place for a HQ. Next year we need to grab a couple sites together either near the starting point or a finishing point. I'm hoping to go way early next year and get some scouting (and caching) done.

Item #7
Need to decide who is going with who long before the last minute. I'm sure there will be some last minute stuff, but I'd like to know that no one is standing there at the last minute wondering where they're going to go. This goes back to starting planning earlier.

Item #8
Other odds and ends
HuggyBear had us covered with extra extension cords and cairs and who knows what else. And I'm sure he did other stuff at HQ that I'm not aware of. Thanks to all the puzzle solvers. I brought cheat sheets that were totally useless - they wouldn't have been useful for these puzzles and because I left them in the truck.

Item #9
I'd like to see a BIG map of the place next year. And I'd like to know more about these files people were sending in - A different kind of Geekfest?

Item #10
Nothing. I just didn't want to end on 9. You have to keep a sense of humor about this all as it is just a game shared with a lot of friends you know and don't know.