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Apr. 3rd, 2009

1-Moore c/s


Thursday with the Jr. Varsity

The TuesdayCachers Jr Varsity squad (that would be Naz, Txzeeq & 1-Moore c/s) set out Thursday afternoon for the Guilbeau/Tezel area and beyond. We pretty well got the Northwest Crossing & It's in the Title series off our todo list. We almost got Jared's Prison, but didn't want to end up in the slammer ourselves, so we will have to come back for that one. We all disdain poking around school yards during class hours. In all, Naz and Txzeeq grabbed about 25 or so smileys and I got 35 since they were kind enough to take me to where they've been. Wish I would remember to bring my camera - there were some very interesting containers. I'd like to start a thread of pics of unique containers.

We talked to EWB and there's a good chance the whole team will reunite on Monday eve - here's hoping.

Mar. 25th, 2009



Sorry I did not get a chance to post earlier about my experience at the challenge.

This was my first challenge. EWB told me about it last September/October and asked if I wanted to go. Not long after Cybercat asked if we wanted to share a hotel room with her and daverobson. I'm so glad that she got a room so early. I'm not sure, but I believe that all the rooms in town were taken. It was really fun to see so many cachers in one place. I'm really looking forward to next year!!!

Now for the play-by-play...
Friday, EWB and I took off for Johnson City to do the caches at the Sculpture Ranch. Of course, we can not drive past ALL the caches up 281 so we picked a few up along the way. The first of the day was for me, Logan's Way. Before I had a chance to even start searching, a car stopped to see if I was okay. Then I took my GPS and started searching. Got within 6 feet but no luck. Finally got a clue from EWB and located it. Of course, I made him turn into monkey boy and get it for me :). After a few more along the way we found ourselves at the Ranch. WOW!!! What a great place. We picked up the three caches on the road that leads up to the gallery but were not able to go further because of the weather. COLD and WET!! We did take some time to wander around the gallery though. Will need to go back when it is nice and see the rest.

After leaving the Ranch, we picked up a few more caches. EWB would have been happy if we did a few of the TC09 caches, but I felt it was cheating so we stuck to traditional caches. We received a call from 1st Sgt that he was at the LBJ Pavilion so we made our way there. Registered then walked around and talked with old and new friends. After wandering around, I was finally able to get EWB to stop talking long enough to head out to the first event in Luckenbach. I've never been there and now I know why. A post office/general store with a bar and a dance all make up the town. It was nice to be able to relax and listen to some good music. So now I can say I've been to Luckenbach. Been there, done that, got a t-shirt :).

Saturday dawned cold, but the rain had stopped so the day was not as bad. We decided to do the casual part of the challenge this year. I hope that if we had signed up for the competitive, that I would be able to talk at least EWB to change to the casual. As it was, there were 5 of us in Cybercat's new car. Sorry for the mud :) EWB did most of the log signing/card stamping. Cybercat, daverobson, and backwards Charlie had done quite a few of the challenge caches Friday so they knew were they were. It allowed us to get more but not to take the time to enjoy the hunt. I guess that is the difference with me. I'm more about the hunt then the numbers. Oh well, there is always time to go back and find them again. The rest of the day was spent at the pivilion winning prizes, eating, conversing, and just having a good time. Then there was the night cache. I have never done one so this was my second first for the weekend.

Sunday we started the day at the pivilion for breakfast and clean up. Then it took me another few HOURS to get EWB out of there so we could get some caches and be home before it got too late. So we plus 1st Sgt and rabel6973 headed off. Rabel6973 dropped off around 2:00 but 1st Sgt stuck around until we finished up Comfort. On the way we met up with The Foods and did some caches with them. Please, everyone, take EWB's advice and do NOT do a tarzan yell from the top of a cliff without warning the people at the bottom!!! My heart is still not back to normal :)

After doing O Ammo Can we stopped at Po-Po's for linner then headed home. I was so proud of EWB. My GPS was beeping to let us know we were passing a BUNCH of caches, and he kept driving.

So, three day's of fun and caching was an experience and one that I can not wait to do again!!

Mar. 18th, 2009



I've been whittling away the Bexar County GeoName and South Texas ABC Challenge.  I could possibly finish both Friday.  Realistically I'll just be whittling again, but every little bit counts.

I'm going to be putting out my own xchallenge pretty soon - probably early next week.  Just need to get the hide out there and the web page built.  I'm going to call it The Pick 6 Challenge.  Do 6 different types of caches in 1 day.  For added fun, I'm going to add days in there from time to time that whoever records the most picks for that day will get an extra prize (not smiley).  It's possible for a newbie to get 8 or 9 different types of caches in 1 day.  Tougher for the folks who have been doing this a while because I'm going to limit this to Bexar County.

Looking forward to a slower paced Friday.  No caching this weekend until late Sunday if at all.

Mar. 17th, 2009


We survived The Challenge

It was a fast weekend.  CADrake and I headed up Friday morning.  We thought about hitting Cybercat's new cache on the way up, but with the terrain and the rain I looked at from 281 and said I don't think so.  CADrake picked up Logan's Way just before we got to Blanco.  Of course she made me go get it.  The we got the puzzle cache in Blanco.

Stopped in Johnson City for lunch at some place at the corner of 281 and 290 that says they have the best chicken fried steak at over 3 dozen sold.  So I got catfish with swiss cheese and mushrooms (sounded weird to me too, but it was great), and CADrake got something else other than the chicken fried steak.

After linch we picked up a couple caches before heading to the Sculpture Ranch to get the 11 caches there.  We only got 3 because the trails were closed.  Bummer.  The drive to the gallery was awesome, and the gallery itself was neat.  We'll go back.

Picked up some more caches before getting to the park.  The we headed to Luckenbach.  Got a few more caches.  Ate at the dance hall.  Neat place.

Cybercat found out quick that CADrake, DavRobson, and I all snore.  And we're really good at it.  Saturday night she slept with earplugs.

The casual part of the Challenge was awesome.  There were so many neat places to see and some awesome containers.  My favorite was the one at the RV Park - an ammo can made to look like an RV trailer.

Got a horrible call from 1st Sgt.  He did the Competitive Challenge with Rabel6973.  There was a cacher down.  Long and short of it, the guy was eventually airlifed from Fredericksburg to Austin where they removed a blood clot from a stint.  It would have had an unhappy ending if those guys hadn't been there.

We cleaned house at the raffle.  Backwards Charlie From Austin got a GSAK license which he gave to me.  I later won a guft certificate for a coin, so I gave it to him.  Our group won a boat load of stuff.  DavRobson got the best swag - a Groundspeak Lackey coin.  They don't hand those out like gum.  It was his 78th BD, so Mrs Captain Picard gave it to him as the whole place sang happy birthday.

Just about everyone was too tired for the Disco thing.  Rabel6973 took one for the team and danced with MCP while 1st Sgt and I grabbed the cooler of beer and headed for the door.  1st Sgt, Rabel6973, CADrake, FootNotesCoach, and I all went to do the night cache.  It's not just a cache done at night.  I've dome a zillion of those.  Tis had reflectors with numbers on them you had to find.  No smiley for it, but it was fun.

Sunday was breakfast and then a CITO event, and then we all headed home.  CADrake, 1st Sgt, Rabel6973, and I cached most of the way back.  We lost Rabel6973 near 87 north of Comfort, but picked up The Foods.

I learned that it may not be a good idea to stand at the top of a cliff holding up an ammocan and giving a Tarzan yell.  Scared the daylights out of CADrake and Mrs Food.  Sorry.

Lost The Foods after that cache.  We hit the first cache in Comfort at Comfort Depot.  Got the cache.  The 1st Sgt and CADrake proceded to part with real cash at the depot which is now an antique store.  The new owner knew nothing of geocaching.  He does now.  Picked up 2 more and then 1st Sgt left.

CADrake and I found Oh Ammo Can, Ammo Can... (or something like that)  Funny hide.  Then we went to Po-Po's to eat.  After that we left a whole string of caches and headed home.  The will to cache was there, but the energy to do it wasn't.

Logged a bunch Sunday night.  Then I was up to midnight logging last night.  And it's late now as I type this.  I'm tired and I'm going to bed.

Can't wait for next year's challenge which will probably be in San Angelo State Park.

Oh, and Naz found Nice View while we were gone.  I found it last night. Coordinates are way off.  It's right about where Naz and I both expected it to be.  Got ned coordinates for Nice View and Rock Hawk II.  We'll see.

Mar. 11th, 2009

1-Moore c/s


Caching LBJ Community Park

The TuesdayCachers were out in force on Monday, Feb. 9. Looks like we may be moving our regular caching day to Mondays. We met at Lady Bird Johnson Park to pick up a few hides that Cadrake and 1-Moore didn't have yet and to revisit Nice View. BruiserChinchilla joined us. She is brand new to this little sport and is well on her way to full blown addiction. She led the way on the first two finds and quickly learned when to follow cacher trails instead of relying complely on the gps. EWB provided the quick lesson on entering waypoints onto the gps.

We started our search around 6pm and spent at least two hours with only four total smileys to show for our efforts. That's mainly due to us searching for Nice View for about 30-45 minutes. This one is rated 2/4.5. The 4.5 for terrain is right on, but if it's a 2 difficulty it's gone. EWB & Naz posted dnfs and the hide is now temporarily disabled. Babbling Brook was fun - once we got there. Seems there was dissention in the group on which route to take, so we probably did more bushwacking than necessary. The oak trees out here are incredible - especially the one Naz climbed near The Twins.

Naz in a tree

After grabbing our fantastic four smileys we head out to get a bite at Chester's. When I left, the group was still spinning caching yarns and impressing BC. Hope we didn't scare her off!

Feb. 19th, 2009



Well I made it in.  This will be fun!

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